Beyond the Bidding Wars

A Survey of Associate Attrition, Departure Destinations and Workplace Incentives

Beyond the Bidding Wars, the 2000 follow-up study to the widely acclaimed Keeping the Keepers, examines four primary questions:

  • Has the rate of associate attrition changed since 1997?
  • Are most associates departing law firms for jobs in dot-coms?
  • Which retention-related incentives are firms using most frequently?
  • Do law firm practices perceived as "incentives" relate positively with associate attrition?

The data reveal that there has been minimal but not insignificant change in overall attrition since 1997, when associate attrition of new hires from law offices was first documented. The study also documents departure destinations for 1,383 associates who left their firms in 1999, revealing that among all associate departures reported, the high-tech industry was the destination for only 3.4% of departing associates, while about one-quarter (26.2%) left their law firm employers for another law firm of the same or larger size.

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