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After the JD Conference

11/11/2016 - 11/12/2016
Chicago, Illinois

The conference will bring together the core of the group that produced the
After the J.D. research, other leading academics who study the legal
profession, and a range of practitioners. The sessions will  review what the
After the J.D. project has found on the basis of the 2000 cohort followed
for fifteen years, and it will critically examine what was successful and
what was less successful in that project. Building on that experience and
critique, the conference will focus on what should be continued and what
should be changed for a potential new cohort of law graduates in order to
investigate how lawyers today start their careers in what many consider to
be a very different legal environment. Among the issues to be addressed are
the value of the law degree, issues of  gender, race, and ethnicity, lawyer
satisfaction, and the range of careers pursued by the cohort.

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