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ABA Student Lawyer Blog Cites Professional Development in a Pandemic Research

A recent article by Skip Horne highlights the future of professional development for law students.

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Skip Horne, Vice President for Engagement for the NALP Foundation, authored a recent article on the ABA Student Lawyer blog highlighting findings from the Foundation's recent Professional Development in a Pandemic study.

The article encouraged law students to engage in a wide array of training and development programs once they enter private practice, including diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) courses, mentoring, trial advocacy skills preparation, leadership training, and coaching/career management.

"To best prepare, law students should take advantage of as many professional development opportunities in law school as they can and work to integrate these opportunities for growth and enhancement into their future practice plans," concluded Horne.

Read the full article on the ABA website at

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