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The NALP Foundation and the Center for Women in Law are pleased to provide the legal industry with this first-of-its-kind report detailing the educational and social experiences of women of color in law school across the country. The results explore postgraduate employment expectations and involvement in and perspective on judicial clerkships, study groups, grades, and networking opportunities as well as employment intentions, and educational debt. The report gathers opinions regarding the state of race and gender relations within law schools, explores the advice and guidance students solicit and receive, and provides an in-depth analysis of students' experiences with various law school departments, faculty, and peers. The comparative results for women of color with those of their majority counterparts are significant and informative and reveal experiences among women of color differ considerably, depending on their specific race/ethnicity. This must-have report will enable organizations to develop targeted, effective strategies to address this critical issue in the legal profession.

Women of Color - A Study of Law School Experiences (2020)

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