In addition to its research reports and in-person programming, the Foundation offers webinars on topics of interest to the industry. The NALP Foundation is proud to offer the following webinar highlighting results from the annual Update on Associate Attrition (for calendar year 2018) as well as a ten-year look back at associate hiring and departures

The NALP Foundation presents " 2019 Update on Associate Attrition"

This recorded 85 minute webinar from April 25, 2019 provides participants with:
  • Entry-level and lateral hiring statistics
  • Comparisons of attrition statistics by gender, minority v.  minorities and firm size
  • Primary jobs/destinations after leaving firms
  • Top reasons associates leave firms
  • Wanted v. unwanted departure data
  • Important statistics regarding associates who departed their firm to work at a competitor or peer firms

In addition to receiving valuable benchmarking data,webinar participants also receive templates and tools for tracking hiring and attrition in their firms, including formulas for tracking attrition rates, forms for tracking associate hiring and departures, and tips for using hiring and departure data to create success factors for your firm.

Registration is available through our bookstore at Please note The NALP Foundation and NALP are two separate organizations each with their own members and supporters. The discounted rate for this webinar is available only to NALP Foundation members and contributors.

The NALP Foundation and FRINGE PD present "Civility Within the Legal Profession"

ATTEND OUR FREE WEBINAR— May 14 at 4pm Eastern or May 15 at 2pm Eastern                                         

To register, please email Jeremy Bloom at

The NALP Foundation for Law Career Research and Education and Fringe PD are excited to announce the relaunch of the lawyer survey on civility within the legal profession. The NALP Foundation has committed to undertake an important research project to begin an exploration of civility within the legal industry. The way that we choose to communicate with each other has a very real connection to law firm productivity and engagement as well as to attorney well-being. We take on this research in the hopes of giving law firms a mechanism to identify and mitigate this type of interpersonal communication.

We are pleased to report that over 55 law firms throughout the U.S. and Canada participated in the law firm administrator survey. We plan to publish the results of the lawyer survey and administrative survey in a  comprehensive report that will be available in fall 2019. 


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