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The NALP Foundation Invited to Present at the Professional Development Consortium 2023 Summer Conference

The PDC 2023 Summer Conference will be held in Charlotte, NC from July 20-22, 2023.

Wednesday, July 5, 2023

The NALP Foundation has been invited to present at the Professional Development Consortium 2023 Summer Conference on The Great Resignation, Reshuffle or Reset? What the Latest NALP Foundation Data Reveals About Hiring, Attrition, and Early Stage Legal Careers.

Fiona Trevelyan Hornblower, President & CEO, and Jennifer Mandery, Vice President for Research, will share the newest NALP Foundation data on associate hiring, attrition, and the early career experiences of young lawyers from two of the Foundation’s annual research studies: Update on Associate Attrition (Calendar Year 2022) and Law School Alumni Employment and Satisfaction (Class of 2019).

New this year: associate hiring by quarter; tracking rate variations throughout 2022; whether lack of, or lack of clarity about, advancement opportunities drives departures; expanded next professional destinations to include roles in DEI, legal recruiting, and professional development; reasons for alumni departures; and the impact of Professional Identity Formation training during law school.

The Professional Development Consortium (PDC) is an association of individuals who are responsible for developing and administering training and continuing professional development for lawyers and other professionals at law firms, law schools, government agencies and corporations.

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