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The NALP Foundation has served the legal community with benchmark research and informational resources on lawyer careers and the law as a profession since 1996. You are invited to explore the many current and past research initiatives through the details provided below.

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After the JD

After the JD is a longitudinal study that follows law school graduates in the first ten years of their careers. It is the largest and most ambitious study ever undertaken of the legal profession, and it aims to create a definitive picture of how the early careers of lawyers develop in the early twenty-first century. The focus of the study is to define and explain the multiple factors that affect, if not determine, the career trajectories of law graduates.

There are three publications from this study, After the JD: The First 10 Years, After the JD II and the recently released After the JD III: Third Results from a National Study of Legal Careers.


Associate Attrition

Associate attrition has been a primary focus of the NALP Foundation for more than a decade.  Reports on findings from national surveys provide an amazing array of best practices and reliable data that spans from 1988 to the present. Our annual Update on Associate Attrition reports contain key analyses on critical issues for law firm talent planning, including whether departures are to peer firms. Also included in the reports is information on where associates go, why they leave, whether employers consider their departures "desired" or not, and whether departures were related to performance, economic market conditions, or other factors. 

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Keeping the Keepers

The NALP Foundation broke new ground with this benchmark study of associate attrition, aiming the spotlight on attrition data and trends over a multi-year period. The data provides insights into why associates leave their employers and how to better manage unwanted departures. The reports also include detailed best practices for law firms, law schools and graduates. The first report in the Keeping the Keepers series was published in 1998, followed by updates in 2003, 2013 and 2021.

Working from Home

Law School Alumni Employment & Satisfaction

The NALP Foundation and NALP have provided the legal industry with the Study of Law School Alumni Employment & Satisfaction since launching our first report on the Class of 2010. The study measures employment status and career satisfaction three years after graduation, exploring an array of satisfaction dimensions in order to help gain a better understanding and insight into how the law school experience prepared law students for post-graduation employment. Interested law schools can join the current study here.