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***Pre-order your copy of the Canadian Stay Study today, and you'll be among the first to receive the final report when it is released later in 2024.***


Why do some associates choose to stay while other leave? The NALP Foundation’s Stay Study report for Canadian law firms details the key factors driving associates’ decisions to remain at their firms, which is critical information for firms to use as they assess their talent needs and how best to optimize for the new market. The Canadian Stay Study provides important insights for firms on associates’ relative and empiric valuation of:


  • Work Allocation/Workflow Management
  • Compensation (salary/bonus/other)
  • Benefits (medical, dental, mental health support)
  • Firm Policies (billable hours/credit, leave)
  • Hybrid Work Policies
  • Professional Development
  • Career Path
  • Mentoring (formal and informal)
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Pro Bono/Community Involvement
  • Firm Culture/Social Ties
  • Market Perception of Firm
  • Location
  • Practice Area Alignment with Personal Interest
  • Work/Life Balance


With both empiric data and narrative responses, the Canadian Stay Study report provides critical insights into the factors that actually influence talent retention, not only in aggregate, but also as segmented by firm size and demographic cohorts, enabling rapid and unique benchmarking. This important new study provides actionable data and intriguing insights for both law firms and the profession broadly.


This report reflects data collected from associates at participating Canadian law firms. Data collection will take place during July and August 2024. 

Canada | Stay Study Final Report (2024)

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