The COVID-19 pandemic, civil unrest, and economic downturn have impacted US law firms’ professional development efforts in ways none of us could have imagined just months ago. How have firms pivoted to address these unforeseen circumstances? What worked? What didn’t? Where do we go from here?


The NALP Foundation, in partnership with the National Business Institute (NBI), is releasing a ground-breaking new research project to explore how these factors have each impacted leading firms’ professional development efforts. Professional Development in a Pandemic: The Impact of COVID-19, Civil Unrest and Economic Crisis provides critical information for law firms on innovations and best practices, including those that may extend beyond the pandemic. This exciting report examines our findings as they relate to each of the three focus areas – COVID-19, civil unrest and economic crisis – and offers analysis and guidance for law firms and other professional services organizations going forward as they navigate a post-pandemic marketplace.


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Professional Development in a Pandemic The Impact of COVID-19, Civil Unrest and