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The NALP Foundation and NALP have released their joint study, Law School Alumni Employment & Satisfaction for the Class of 2019, their tenth such report focusing on US law schools. The survey includes information about diverse and first-generation graduates as well as data on educational debt, mobility, and the impact of experiential education on career satisfaction with insightful narrative responses from study participants. New questions were added this year to address:


  • Prior work experience
  • Professional identity formation
  • Recruitment timing for post-graduate positions
  • Reasons for job change


This year’s study reflects data collected from over 2,290 alumni participants, with information from 1,927 graduates of 42 U.S. law schools and 363 graduates of 5 Canadian law schools. Data collection took place between November 2022 and January 2023.

US | Study of Law School Alumni Employment & Satisfaction (Class of 2019)