Study of Law School Alumni Employment and Satisfaction

NALP and the NALP Foundation are pleased to announce the launch of our annual Law School Alumni Employment and Satisfaction study. This resource is providing schools with an easy and standardized tool with which to measure alumni employment status and career satisfaction 3-years (2013) and/or 7-years (2009) after graduation. 

Law school participating in the study agree that the results have proven to be extremely valuable in a number of ways. For instance, schools have reported that they are using the data for internal reporting purposes to faculty or the larger university, curriculum development, marketing, strategic planning, resource allocation, and arguably most important, as another resource to assist in complying with ABA reporting requirements.

As a result of the interest we received from our alumni study law school participants, we are pleased to announce we have expanded this study by including a 7-year (2009) survey option. Results will be of great interest given this class has been significantly impacted by the global financial crisis and it aftermath.  The Class of 2009 survey includes an extra set of question consistent with the After the JD series, and the report will include an additional section comparing the Class of 2009 results with the After the JD results. 

As a study participant, you will receive a school-specific report with your school's proprietary data, as well as the national report with aggregated data from all of the participation schools.  Your individual school's data will remain confidential and will only be reported to you, but you are free to use the data in whatever ways you find the most helpful.

In order to confirm your participation, please complete the following participation form and email it to

Upon receipt, we will forward a study agreement and invoice.

Click here for Participation Form

Click here for 3-Year (2013) Survey

Click here for 7-Year (2009) Survey

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